I ordered a motherboard from this company to repair a computer my husband brought home from his job. He's an IT engineer, and his company often gives them outdated equipment to take.

We got the motherboard and he installed it (something he does every day at work) only to realize it's defective. There is no POST when you turn on the computer. You hear it power up, and then nothing. The motherboard doesn't engage at all. After more testing, he said it was DOA.

So I contacted the company. "Jesse" responded that the motherboard works and to try again. I explained we already tested it, attempted the install, and that my husband (whom is an IT professional and repairs equipment all the time) confirmed is was DOA. We just wanted to return it.

I was told they would charge me a 15% restocking fee.

I advised again IT WAS DEFECTIVE.

I was told to take a video of it not working. Take photos of both the old and the new motherboard. Send all these thing to Jesse. So we did.

I was again told the motherboard was fine and that we were doing something wrong. This is where things go really south.

I was getting upset. I told Jesse I was done sending videos and photos. I needed to return the motherboard and I wanted to full refund since it was DOA. Jesse advised me "when I get it, I'll test it and decide if you deserve a refund."

Then Jesse asked me to defraud the postal system by sending it back with a lower declared value. That's a felony in the US! I know, because I ship with USPS and am very familiar with the laws due to my job.

I refused to do that, and said I would only ship it back if I was assured a full refund and advised I was on the *** of just filing a charge dispute with my CC.

Then Jesse started threatening me. "I'll spread your cheater lying ways all over the Internet if you don't send it back and send me a tracking number in 5 days." and then again demanded I defraud the postal system.

Lets just say i'm not intimidated, and that my CC company is now handling this. Any further threats will be turned over to the police at this point.

Stay away from this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Empower Laptop Customer Care.

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